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Polo Italia Srl more

Kraj: Włochy
Region: Włochy
Miasto: Calenzano, Firenze
Ulica: Dante Alighieri, 64
Telefon: +39 055 8825888
Faks: +39 055 8876111
Firm Rank: 0
Polo is an italian manufacturer of equipment and instruments for ultra-high vacuum applications, mainly dedicated for : 1. The Display manufacturing industry; Large knowledge in the building of Exhaust and sealing carts for Cathode Ray Tube, for standard and VLS lines; A comprehensive range of accessories for exhausting carts for CRT, such as, Radio frequency units (RF), Tip-off ovens (ES), water pumps, ES/RF brush components, Exhausting and sealing carts for Field Emission Display (FED);[...]

2000 Network Sas more

Kraj: Włochy
Region: Włochy
Miasto: Milano
Ulica: Emilio De Marchi, 8
Telefon: +39 02 67076887
Faks: +39 02 700505574
Firm Rank: 0
We buy and sell stock of goods. We check the quality of it before selling the stock. We sell only to wholesale: footwears, hand bags, toys, gift articles, tablecloths, sheets, flat, glasses, silver wares, furniture of furnishing, furniture from office, t-shirts, home, sanitary, hardware, material electric and electronic, appliances, articles for the cleaning and personal hygiene, traditional and electronic toys, electronic instruments, TV, hifi, CD, sound tape, disks and musical supports, musical[...]

ITI Plast snc more

Kraj: Włochy
Region: Włochy
Miasto: Perugia
Ulica: via Maccheroni
Telefon: +39 075 5287849
Faks: +39 075 5286819
Firm Rank: 0
ITI Plast is an Italian Company producers of plastic fittings, extendable hoses, cover plates fro heating radiators, many of our items are European patented, we serve many Companies in Italy and other Countries, from distributors to wholesalers.[...]

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